"Albira PET/SPECT/CT allowed us in vivo imaging of dynamic biological processes, monitoring of cancers and infectious diseases in small animal models, including assessment of therapeutic response, and biodistribution of candidate drugs."

Dr. Marian Hajdúch

Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

"We successfully use Albira PET/CT for in vivo tracking of metabolic fate of radioactively labelled metabolic tracers in diverse models for metabolic diseases, such as obesity. Colocalization of CT and PET images facilitates better orientation within the animal body."

Mgr. Kristina Bardova Ph.D.

Institute of Physiology CAS, Prague, Czech Republic

Albira Si - Bruker Biospin

Revolutionary preclinical PET/SPECT/CT imaging system

Specifically designed for pre-clinical researchers, Albira Si is the next generation of molecular vision combining high performance PET, SPECT and CT technologies in a unique and extremely powerful way. Its highly compact, modular design gives you the freedom to purchase what you need now, and upgrade as your research requirements change. PET imaging is at the forefront of this revolution, and Albira Si, the first commercial SiPM-based PET, is delivering the promise of this technology, Full Field of View Accuracy (FFA), in imaging and quantification.

Albira Si gives you a new insight into fundamental biological processes such as gene expression, enzyme and protein activity, progression and treatment of diseases.  Whether you are looking to develop new predictive imaging biomarkers, accelerate preclinical validation of small or large molecules, select drug candidates for clinical translation, or gain quantitative understanding of biological processes, Albira’s revolutionary technology unlocks the full potential of your research.

Key Applications:

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • ADME
  • Protein expression
  • Metabolic studies
  • Gene expression
  • Toxicology
  • Perfusion studies
  • Cell tracking, Receptor binding

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