" Aurora spectral flow cytometer is a high performance system enabling versatile immunological experiments. Its spectral unmixing capabilities and easy setup, without optical filters exchange, enables easy operation and multi-parametric analysis. With more than 20 parameters analyzed within one sample, Cytek Aurora brings our research to a next level"

Dr Mojca Benčina

National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Our new Cytek Aurora is a great cytometer. We are still learning and exploring how to efficiently use all its possibilities, but we already know that we can study immune system going to high number of parameters with really impressive resolution. Also - it seems that our autofluorescence problems of animal tissues will be solved. The software - very user- friendly.  We all enjoy and have lots of fun!"

Dr. Katarzyna Piwocka

Institute of Experimental Biology Marceli Nencki Polish Academy of Sciences

Aurora CS-Cell Sorter - Cytek Biosciences

Imagine a Cytek Aurora that can sort...

The Cytek Aurora has changed the course of cell analysis research worldwide. With its technologically advanced features, flexibility, and intuitive software workflows, Cytek Aurora has become a favorite in many research labs. Now, scientists can value from a high-capacity sorter fueled by Cytek’s innovative full spectrum technology. Enter in Cytek Aurora CS, possessing all of sister Aurora’s best traits:

  • Autofluorescence extraction to help you visualize positively expressing cells clearly
  • One configuration for all applications
  • Real time visualization of your multicolor assays with Live Unmixing
  • Up to 5 lasers and 64 fluorescence APD detectors, enabling high quality, highly resolved data demonstrated up to 40 colors
  • Intuitive SpectroFlo Software with new Sort Control user interface



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Riccardo Pasculli

Head of application support



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