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IncuCyte white paper: live-cell analysis for Neuroscientists


Mar 20, 2019

Stem cell technologies using iPSCs allow researchers to create differentiated neurons and support cells to study human...

Izon qEV - The fastest & most effective Exosome isolation


Mar 6, 2019

Extracellular  vesicles  (EVs)  are  prevalent  in biological  fluids  and  are  of  great  interest  to researchers ...

Enhanced uptake of luminescent quantum dots by live cells


Mar 1, 2019

The steady progress made over the past threedecades in growing a variety of inorganic nanomaterials, with discreet...

Fat-water separation Imaging in Preclinical MRI

Bruker Biospin

Mar 1, 2019

Non-invasive in vivo phenotyping of adipose tissue deposits in small animal models is of great importance in...

Mar 21, 2019

New technique for dynamic monitoring of liquid tumor Cytotoxicity

Acea Biosciences

Feb 12, 2019

To develop and validate immuno-oncology therapies, scientists must understand the full dynamics of cytotoxic effectors...

Small animal 13C-hyperpolarized MRI

Bruker Biospin

Feb 8, 2019

13C-Hyperpolarized molecules provide a unique signature for molecular processes relevant to a range of disease...

Oncolytic chimeric orthopoxvirus causes regression of pancreatic cancer xenografts

Spectral Instruments Imaging

Jan 30, 2019

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma has been increasing by 0.5% per year in the United States. This study describes the...

Mar 21, 2019

Responsive fluorescence probe for detection of Hypochlorous acid in live cells and animals

Spectral Instruments Imaging

Jan 17, 2019

In this work, a new fluorescence probe, PQI, was developed for monitoring of the HOCl level in biological samples. The...

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Cell plasticity associated to circulating tumor cells from prostate cancer patients

Mar 13, 2019

The IsoFlux System enables somatic variant detection from circulating tumor cells (CTCs) obtained from a routine blood draw using the latest advances in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). The system enriches circulating tumor cells, or other rare circulating cells, from peripheral blood and prepares them for molecular analysis, including NGS, qPCR, FISH, and immunofluorescence. The resulting samples have the required tumor DNA content and purity to be used with the leading NGS content panels, ranging from 50 to 400 genes and thousands of variants.

GE analysis revealed a different deregulation pattern related to the EMT, NE and AR-related phenotypes in resistant CRPC-cells compared to parental cells. Docetaxel resistance was more associated to an EMT phenotype while cabazitaxel resistance to NE patterns. GE patterns in CTCs at post taxane-treatment showed a common upregulation of AR-related genes compared to pre-treatment collected samples. Moreover, most patients experienced upregulation of EMT and NE markers after treatment, which was more pronounced after docetaxel than cabazitaxel therapy.

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The IsoFlux System is a benchtop instrument designed to isolate the    CTC´s and enrich rare cell populations

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