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Intoducing cellenONE: The revolutionary Single Cell isolator


May 25, 2022

A revolutionary platform based on sciDROP PICO precision dispensing technology and coupled with advanced image...

Extracellular Vesicle Purity Enhanced by Gen 2 qEV Columns With Customised Proprietary Resin


May 4, 2022

Izon Science has announced the launch of Gen 2, the enhanced range of qEV columns for size-exclusion...

Why use Cytek Aurora?

Cytek Biosciences

May 3, 2022

A prodigy incorporating a unique combination of patent-pending innovative technologies that takes flow cytometry to the...

Introducing Celloger Mini Plus: Automated and compact Live cell imaging inside your incubator


Apr 11, 2022

We are happy to introduce new Celloger Mini Plus, automated live cell imaging system! Click the video below to find out...

May 28, 2022

CQ1 live-cell confocal system: revealing the pathophysiology of COVID-19 infection


Mar 21, 2022

Yokogawa decided to support the world’s fight against COVID-19, scientifically cooperating with research facilities...

Introducing IsoPlexis Single-Cell Natural Killer Panel


Mar 4, 2022

Because of their ability to kill tumour cells, NK cells are an attractive target in cancer immunotherapy, therapeutic...

Enhanced small particle detection on CytekAurora and Northern Lights

Cytek Biosciences

Mar 2, 2022

Aurora system with ESP option, can fully resolve particles around 70nm and from the 80nm PS bead. The new violet laser...

May 28, 2022

Aurora CS spectral sorter - 28 Color in-depth purity sorting

Cytek Biosciences

Jan 28, 2022

To demonstrate the Cytek Aurora CS’s capabilities made possible by its advanced electronics design, a 28-color human...

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Deep-Learning, Label-Free, Quantitative Cell Segmentation with IncuCyte

Sep 24, 2021

The Life Science Group Sartorius today announced publication of an article in Nature Methods describing the company’s LIVECell (Label-free In Vitro image Examples of Cells) deep-learning dataset for label-free, quantitative segmentation of live cell images. The open-source dataset includes 5000 label-free phase contrast microscopy images consisting of more than 1.6 million cells of eight cell types with distinct morphologies that have been manually annotated. The set of images includes cells grown from initial seeding densities to fully confluent monolayers, resulting in a large variation in cell size and shape.

“The ability to derive physiologically relevant data from label-free microscopy images is a cornerstone of pharmaceutical research and datasets containing images of millions of cells facilitate exploration of biological phenomena with great statistical power,” said Rickard Sjögren, PhD, Senior Scientist, Sartorius Corporate Research. “To compensate for a lack of image resolution, however, sophisticated imaging processing pipelines are necessary to generate the accurate cell-by-cell, pixel-by-pixel segmentations necessary to capture subtle changes in cell size, shape and texture, particularly if the goal is to investigate events at the level of cellular subpopulations or individual cells.”

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Essen BioScience & Sartorius is a team of engineers and biologists with deep expertise in cell-based assays and biomolecular interaction analysis. They invent, manufacture, supply and support instrumentation, reagents and protocols.

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Up to 5 colors, high throughput, real-time and automated measurements of live-cell activity, inside your incubator

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High throughput, real-time and automated measurements of live-cell activity, inside your incubator

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Real-time automated measurements of cell health, movement and function, inside your incubator

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