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Neutrophil activation and function using IncuCyte live-cell analysis system


Dec 11, 2019

Elucidation of the roles of neutrophils, is crucial in autoimmune disease and infection research. Being able to...

Successful migration from radioactive irradiators to x-ray irradiators

Precision X-Ray

Dec 9, 2019

This paper summarizes about 9 years of effort by Mount Sinai to successfully migrate completely from radioactive...

New NovoCyte Advanteon - Performance you can trust with the flexibility you need

Acea Biosciences

Dec 6, 2019

The NovoCyte Advanteon flow cytometer builds upon the highly successful NovoCyte, and NovoCyte Quanteon, to provide an...

Webinar recording: 4D monitoring of bone and (re)modeling events using in vivo micro-CT

Bruker Biospin

Dec 4, 2019

Micro-CT is a powerful tool for the longitudinal monitoring of bones to acquire bone mass and architectural changes in...

Dec 15, 2019

Webinar recording: Advancing spectral flow cytometry data analysis with new SpectroFlo 2.2 & FCS Express 7

Cytek Biosciences

Nov 27, 2019

Learn about new SpectroFlo version 2.2.0. Innovative software tools from Cytek Biosciences and De Novo Software that...

Multirad - Fully integrated x-ray irradiation system

Precision X-Ray

Nov 20, 2019

The new X-RAD 160 qube is suitable for either mounting on the lab bench or mobile on an optional wheeled cart, allowing...

AVATAR system: A unique capability for functional screening of tumor microenvironment

Xcell Biosciences

Nov 18, 2019

The AVATAR Cell Control System lets you generate your cells of interest and optimize to a growth rate, functional...

Dec 15, 2019

Zebrafish heart imaging

Bruker Biospin

Nov 14, 2019

Today watch this interesting video interview with Anabela Bensimon-Brito, Department of Developmental Genetics, Max...

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Fluxion Biosciences and National Cancer Institute cooperate to validate IsoFlux for sequencing

Jun 12, 2019

In a study published in PLOS One in April 2018, Ionescu-Zanetti and his colleagues compared the abilities of ERASE-Seq and those of current molecular barcoding methods. Using spiked human DNA mixed with clinically realistic DNA input quantities, the researchers sought to detect single nucleotide variants and indels between 0.05 percent and 1 percent allele frequency. They found that the tool could detect variants with greater than 90 percent sensitivity and a false positive rate below 0.1 calls per 10,000 possible variants. Jensen explained that Fluxion previously looked at other mutation caller techniques to integrate with its IsoFlux CTC isolation kits and Spotlight liquid biopsy panels, but the firm found their performance "unacceptable." He argued that the lack of high-quality callers led the group to develop and eventually release Erase-Seq in 2018, which is more of a statistical approach to identifying the true positives in a sample.

According to Jensen, Fluxion can validate a lab's panel using the Erase-Seq variant caller approach. The validation involves running a set of reference healthy samples through the firm's algorithm to develop a background model. Afterwards, the researchers run a few analytical samples to adjust the sequencing parameters, such as the depth of coverage. As part of the ongoing study, Cleveland Clinic assistant professor of radiation oncology Omar Mian and his colleagues are applying Erase-Seq to track tumor growth in a group of 30 hepatocellular cancer patients. The team is attempting to see whether the circulating tumor burden of disease and the amount of ctDNA changes before, during, or after ablative therapies (such as stereotactic radiation), surgical management like mastectomy, or tumor removal.

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