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Aug 11, 2020

2015 marked the first ever translation of hyperpolarized gas MRI to diagnostic clinical practice. Research at the...

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Introducing MDx platform: the fastest COVID-19 technology

Apr 20, 2020

The whole process can be viewed as essentially 5 processes:

1) Data and sample entry: Barcode scanning and pipetting performed by laboratory staff.

2) Nucleic Acid (NA) extraction: Separation is achieved using “State of the Art” magnetic bead matrices. These are designed to ensure that maximal NA extraction is achieved with minimal contaminating cellular material.

3) Sample preparation for qPCR: Fast COVID-19™ performs various dilution and liquid transfer steps to combine the purified NA sample with the qPCR test components. The resulting mix is transferred to the xxplate™ consumable and a heat seal applied to ensure that sample integrity is maintained throughout the qPCR run.

4) qPCR thermal cycling: Ultra-fast qPCR run is performed using resistive heating technology and takes around 30 mins to report results.

5) Reporting of results matched to patient data: Results are exported directly to the patient record (hospital situation) and a printout generated to report the result to the clinician requiring the non-laboratory test eg border authorities at an airport.

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Related technologies: World´s fastest qPCR thermal cycler

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