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Top 10 Pharma companies have chosen CYTEK for their flow cytometry facility

Cytek Biosciences

Jun 21, 2021

6 of Top 10 Pharma Companies (Based on total group revenues) have chosen CYTEK - full spectrum flow cytometer for their...

Jun 21, 2021

Elevated NSD3 histone methylation activity drives squamous cell lung cancer

Spectral Instruments Imaging

Jun 8, 2021

This work identifies NSD3 as a principal 8p11-12 amplicon-associated oncogenic driver in LUSC, and suggests that...

IncuCyte webinar recording: How to measure Immune Cell Killing of Tumor Cells effectively


Jun 4, 2021

Immuno-oncology (IO) has transformed cancer treatment. The number of treatments in the IO pipeline continues to...

White Paper: Immunophenotyping Rare Immune Cells with Laminar Wash AUTO System


Jun 3, 2021

The Laminar Wash (LW) AUTO system consists of a wall-less plate and a laminar flow cell washer that enable automated...

Jun 21, 2021

A subset of cytotoxic effector memory T cells enhances CAR T cell efficacy in a model of pancreatic

Tonbo Biosciences

Jun 3, 2021

Tonbo Biosciences flow cytometry reagents & antibodies are manufactured with the highest quality and precision and...

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Monitoring Lung tumor using Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and microCT

Apr 14, 2020

In this study, the relative synergies of in vivo BLI, Fluorescence Imaging (FLI), and micro-CT imaging was assessed in a classic orthotopic lung cancer model from onset to late stage progression. The tumor progression study was performed using a dual bioluminescent/fluorescent reporter human lung carcinoma cell line (A549-FLuc-Neo/iRFP-Puro; Imanis Life Sciences, Rochester, MN, USA) in athymic nude female mice (Envigo RMS, Inc. Indianapolis, IN, USA). Pulmonary tumor foci were initiated by i.v. tail vein injection. Imaging was performed weekly to assess limits of detection and resolution for each modality. Ex vivo imaging was also performed. Optical imaging was performed using the In-Vivo Xtreme II optical/X-ray imaging system (Bruker BioSpin, Billerica, MA, USA), and microCT imaging was completed using the SkyScan 1176 & 1272 scanners (Bruker microCT, Kontich, Belgium).

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Scientific paper

Related technologies: X-ray and micro computed tomography

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