"xCELLigence system is helping my research with fast and reliable screening experiments on cells proliferation, migration and invasion under different cells growth conditions."

Dr. Joanna Kozak

Medical University of Lublin, Human Anatomy Department

"We purchased the system as we had a good experience with it in past – our group works in the field of nanomedicine. In experiments, various nanomaterials (carbon, magnetic particles) are modified by antitumor drugs and other molecules for specific targeting of tumor cells.
The the greatest benefit of the system is that the experiments are easy to set up, the data are obtained in a relatively short time without the need for more complicated sample manipulation. The method makes it possible not only to monitor the increasing number of cells, but also to evaluate the progress of this process - to elegantly determine the growth characteristics of the studied cells and to test the substances used. The process is completely independent of the human factor, thereby minimizing common experimental errors."

Prof. René Kizek

University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic

"xCELLigence system helped my research in performing real-time evaluation of the toxicological profile for several types of innovative drugs that were tested on both primary cells and standard cell lines. Additionally, this platform demonstrated high sensitivity of detection of intracellular signaling events for drugs targeting protein kinases-mediated cellular pathways."

Dr. Monica Neagu

'Victor Babeș' National Institute of Pathology, Bucharest, Romania

“The iCELLigence system provides me a fast, reliable and reproducible way to specifically monitor the suspension cell interactions with proteins of the extracellular matrix, and dynamics of its changes in response to inhibitor addition”

MSc. Adam Obr

Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Prague, Czech Republic

iCELLigence - Acea Biosciences

Label-Free Real-Time System for Cell Biology and Drug Discovery

The new iCELLigence system from ACEA Biosciences is a unique, impedance-based system for cell-based assays, allowing for label-free and real-time monitoring of cellular processes such as cell growth, proliferation, cytotoxicity, adhesion, morphological dynamics and modulation of barrier function.

The system is composed of an electronic analyzer that fits inside the cell culture incubator, and an iPad which runs the software and operates the entire system in a wireless mode. At the core of the system are electronic plates (E-Plates L8) that have integrated microelectrode sensors in the bottom of the wells. The presence or absence of cells sensitively and precisely affects the electronic and ionic exchange between cell culture media and the microelectrodes when an electric field is applied to the system. Changes in electrical impedance reflect the biological status of the cells, thus the system allows monitoring of time-dependent perturbation effects in a tissue culture environment, providing dynamic information and a unique approach to cell-based assays.

Real-time monitoring of cellular processes by the iCELLigence system offers distinct and important advantages over traditional end-point assays, and allows researchers to explore dynamic cellular analysis for a variety of research applications in drug development, toxicology, cancer, medical microbiology, and virology.

The RTCA iCELLigence System is composed of three main components:

  • RTCA iCELLigence Analyzer
  • RTCA Control Unit (iPad)
  • E-Plate L8

iCELLigence Instrument Highlights:

  • iPad compatible GUI
  • Intuitive workflows
  • Wireless data acquisition

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