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Intoducing cellenONE: The revolutionary Single Cell isolator

A revolutionary platform based on sciDROP PICO precision dispensing technology and coupled with advanced image processing that provides real-time and high accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing.

May 25, 2022

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Advances in Leukemia research using shear flow and Bioflux system

Leukemia is a rare cancer with many subtypes. The production of abnormal leukocytes create disruptions in the immune system and lead to a multitude of problems in the body.

May 24, 2022


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"C1 from Fluidigm is the optimal instrument for us to investigate the heterogeneity of stem cell populations."

Prof. Marieta Costache

University of Bucharest, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Bucharest, Romania

In-vivo webinar: a versatile use of SPECT/CT in the development of theranostic tracers

Combining (preclinical) imaging and targeted therapy, is the basis of theranostics. In this webinar, Dr. Florea will highlight several studies performed at RWTH Aachen, where SPECT-CT non-invasive imaging was used to evaluate theranostic compounds.

Mar 9, 2022


Extracellular Vesicle Purity Enhanced by Gen 2 qEV Columns With Customised Proprietary Resin

Izon Science has announced the launch of Gen 2, the enhanced range of qEV columns for size-exclusion chromatography-based separation. 

May 4, 2022

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Introducing Celloger Mini Plus: Automated and compact Live cell imaging inside your incubator

We are happy to introduce new Celloger Mini Plus, automated live cell imaging system! Click the video below to find out more about this product

Apr 11, 2022

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"Cytek Aurora is an excellent cytometer for all scientists that want to perform deep immunophenotyping experiments. For us it is an essential tool that enables us to go easily above 30 parameters in our flow cytometry panels and therefore allows us to study the immune system with an unprecedented resolution. Furthermore, our users love the Aurora, thanks to the easy-to-use SpectroFlow software"

Dr Jan Musil

Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (ÚHKT)

Why use Cytek Aurora?

A prodigy incorporating a unique combination of patent-pending innovative technologies that takes flow cytometry to the next level of performance and flexibility. With up to five lasers, three scattering channels, and 64 fluorescence channels

May 3, 2022

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CQ1 live-cell confocal system: revealing the pathophysiology of COVID-19 infection

Yokogawa decided to support the world’s fight against COVID-19, scientifically cooperating with research facilities actively involved in COVID-19 research. In those global collaborations, researchers is using the Yokogawa bench-top confocal ststem.

Mar 21, 2022

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Introducing IsoPlexis Single-Cell Natural Killer Panel

Because of their ability to kill tumour cells, NK cells are an attractive target in cancer immunotherapy, therapeutic monoclonal antibody development and adoptive cell therapies.

Mar 4, 2022

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