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IncuCyte webinar recording: Human Neurons in vitro, next-gen models for neurological disease

The ability to generate and manipulate human neurons in vitro is an exciting advance that enables the validation, modeling and screening of drugs or phenotypes with human neurons to better understand and develop treatments for neurological disorders 

Apr 23, 2019


Bionano Genomics news presented at AGBT 2019

2019 is starting off with a bang for Bionano with higher throughput on Saphyr, easier and faster sample prep, detection of low allele fraction SVs, exciting clinical validation studies AND a powerful integration with NGS data.

Apr 23, 2019

Product news

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"The X-RAD 225XLi Biological Irradiator allows us to deliver collimated, focused x-ray irradiation to mice and the built-in OptiMAX M-IGRT imaging module enables us to get high-resolution
X-ray and optical multimodal images."

Dr. Géza Sáfrány

Department of Radiobiology and Radiohygiene, National Public Health Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Novel imaging-based assay for hERG channel inhibition using iPS-derived Cardiomyocytes

A large percentage of drugs fail in clinical studies due to cardiac toxicity, such as drug-induced QT prolongation.Therefore,acute and direct inhibition of hERG is routinely assessed in preclinical studies.

Apr 4, 2019

Scientific paper

Rapid, Quantitative CEST Imaging with MRI Fingerprinting

With applications spanning almost any disease area, from cancer, stroke, through to cardiac metabolism disorders, this new MR fingerprinting method would interest anyone involved in pathology as well as those involved in the physics of MRI.

Apr 16, 2019


Product update: The high pass plus cassette

The high pass plus gel cassette is the newest addition to the Pippin family. It is dedicated to the BluePippin “High-Pass” DNA size selection which has been a go-to method for increasing the read lengths for long-read sequencing.

Apr 9, 2019

Product news

Accelerate your biomedical research

“We successfully employed xCELLigence system for studying migration of malignant melanoma cell lines in response to variety of agents. We were also able to employ this system to measure the invasion of HUVEC endothelial cell monolayer by melanoma cells according to this:  JOVE protocol

Dr Artur Wnorowski

Medical University of Lublin, Department of Biopharmation

Synthesis and characterization of functional nanofilm-coated live Immune cells using CQ1

Layer-by-layer assembly techniques have been extensively studied in cell biology because of their simplicity of preparation and versatility. The applications of the LbL platform technology using polysaccharides, silicon and graphene have been studied

Apr 10, 2019

Scientific paper

Comprehending diseased cardiac mechanics using speckle tracking echocardiography

Are you working with high ultrasound imaging and are you interesting in speckle tracking echocardiography (STE)? Watch this recorded webinar from Heidelberg University in Germany and learn more.

Apr 4, 2019


Modified Beta-carotene-bound albumin nanoparticles for breast tumor ablation

The albumin nanoparticles were fabricated using a beta-carotene cross-linker via the Nab technique. These new albumin nanoparticles would be potential as a photodynamic antitumor agent for breast cancers.

Mar 29, 2019

Scientific paper

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