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NovoCyte Quanteon is the answer for growing demands in modern flow-cytometry assays. With its four lasers (405, 488, 561, and 637nm) it brings up to 25 colour-assay. Each colour has its separe detector to avoid need for adjustments, making the data analysis even easier.

The NovoSampler Q, which can be integrated into different laboratory automation platforms, efficiently processes both FACS tubes (using a 40-tube rack) and 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates. The intuitive and industry leading NovoExpress software has been further advanced, providing an exceptional user experience in data acquisition, analysis and reporting.

The software solution combines sample aquisition and data analysis in a single window creating a versitale interface for all of your applications. The programme is creating life updates of the workflow and creating batch statistics tailored to your needs.  

Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM), the ultimate photodetector now in the Quanteon, are solid-state, silicon-substrate-based, photon-level-sensitive semiconductor devices, with a 7 log dynamic range. Consisting of a compact array of avalanche photodiodes operating in unison, the SiPM is a compact detector with photon counting capability. Innovative optics design in NovoCyte Quanteon incorporates 25 independent SiPM for collecting and processing signals for each of its fluorescence channels.

Key features:

  • Expanded flexibility with 25-fluorescence channels utilizing 4 lasers
  • Superior sensitivity and resolution, which is unmatched
  • Intuitive and powerful software for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting
  • Smart-design functionalities and walk-away operation to simplify your work flow
  • Automation-ready capability for high throughput needs
  • Wide, 7-log dynamic range eliminates the need for routine detector adjustments

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