"OptiMice mouse towers are compact with no harmful noise and vibration exposure for mice. Towers are easy to handle, require almost no maintenance, easy to connect to additional towers and built-in ventilation system. It is primarily ideal for small and medium-sized mouse strains"

Dr. Gajdocsi Erzsébet

University of Pécs, Faculty of medicine, Immunology and Biotechnology Department

"We currently use the OptiMICE system at the SPF facility of the National Institute of Public Health in  Prague. MICE cages are designed for experimental animal breeding and research, especially infectious models, because it protects the mice among individual cages, and against environmental agents, as well as personnel from animal allergens."

M.D. Anna Fiserova

Czech Technical University in Prague, Kladno, Czech Republic

OptiMICE - Animal Care Systems

Highest Cage Density in the Industry

Optimice IVC rack is optimizing the density-value equation. It can be positioned against a wall or next to another rack. By rotating the carousel using conveniently located handles on each platter, cages are easily accessed. There’s no need to waste space with large aisles, and no need to move racks for access. Simply stand in one place and bring the cages to you.

Because Optimice creates an ideal environment, it is perfect for breeding, quarantine, bio-exclusion, and conventional rodent housing for research. Optimice is simply the best possible system for optimizing space and enhancing the quality of life for animals and their caregivers.

Optimice IVC rack includes:

100 mouse cage assemblies with filters, feeders, cage card holders, cage cards, and water bottles (if so configured), available in polycarbonate (M suffix), amber polysulfone (P suffix), or smoke polysulfone (S suffix)

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