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Bionano’s third-generation optical mapping solution

Saphyr features enhanced optics with adaptive loading of DNA utilizing machine learning. The Saphyr instrument and high-capacity Saphyr chip combine to deliver genome maps at the speed and scale your research demands.

  • Long molecules from 100,000 bp to megabase pairs
  • Guaranteed 640 Gbp throughput per Saphyr chip per day for human samples for deep structural variant discovery (320 Gbp per flowcell of molecules larger than 150 kbp)
  • Sample to structural variation call or genome scaffolding in as little as 5 days

Automation features and intelligent sample preparation simplify the proces. Requires less than 3 minutes hands-on instrument time per chip.

Generate high-resolution physical genome maps with greater speed and coverage at a lower cost. Saphyr can run most genomes in a single flowcell, in just one day. With Saphyr chip’s dual-flowcell design, you have the power to generate two independent maps from one sample, with two enzymes, and combine the data.


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