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The World’s Fastest qPCR System.

With a thermal ramp rate of up to 10°C per second, xxpress is the fastest, real-time thermal cycler in the world, delivering 40 cycle qPCR in less than 10 minutes. And whilst not all PCR chemistries are yet as fast as xxpress, there are a number that repeatably and reliably match xxpress’ speed.

With ultra-low thermal mass and high conductivity, xxpress’ patented resistive heating system delivers its performance more efficiently and with greater accuracy than traditional based solutions.

To enable thermal uniformity across all the samples to better than ±0.3°C during cycling, xxpress uses an array of highly accurate infrared sensors to determine the temperature of the test samples. A patented control algorithm adjusts the heating patterns at a rate of 100 times a second to ensure that thermal uniformity actually within the samples during fast ramping is better than ±0.8°C and static temperature uniformity is better than ±0.3°C. This accuracy, even at such ramp speeds ensures that all the samples across the plate experience the same thermal profile; ensuring consistent and comparable results from sample-to-sample, and from assay-to assay.

xxpress has an intuitive touch screen user interface that has been designed to mimic the way biotechnologist’s develop their experiments. The software guides the user through the experiment, selecting reagents, PCR type, plate format and thermal profiles. It even provides guidance based on the MIQE recommendations for experiment design.

Thermal profiles are provided for most standard reagents, which can be simply adjusted if required. During cycling, xxpress displays the result curves as they develop. The system provides results analysis and can export these result in a number of formats including RDML and Excel.

Using the personal storage and security key a user’s preferences, profiles and results are always with them. This data key also enables the remote preparation of experiments and analysis of results on a PC or Mac, maximising machine availability and throughput.

xx plates are available in a range of sizes, 24, 54 and 96 well. Based around a standard form factor they are interchangeable and xxpress will recognise which size is inserted and its orientation. The range of plates covers sample volumes from 0.5µl to 40µl, allowing optimal use of reagents, so minimising cost-per-test. Test wells are set on standard pitch, allowing the use of standard pipetting systems.

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