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Theranostics: From Mice to Men and Back


Jun 25, 2024

Recorded webinar
Presenters: Prof. Dr. Ken Herrmann and Prof. Dr. Katharina Lückerath – Moderator: Hannah Notebaert

Orion 2024 AACR poster: 17-plex single-step stain and imaging of cell Lung Carcinoma


Jun 21, 2024

RareCyte Orion is a benchtop, high resolution, whole slide multimodal imaging instrument. A combination of quantitative...

Hypoxia in the Tumor Immune Microenvironment (TIME)

Bruker Biospin

Jun 6, 2024

Thursday, 11 July 2024, 16:00 CET | 10:00 EST
Zaver M. Bhujwalla, PhD...

X-RAD 320 for irradiation therapy during quantifying study for in vivo collagen reorganization

Precision X-Ray

Jun 5, 2024

Quantifying in vivo collagen reorganization during immunotherapy in murine melanoma with second harmonic generation...

Jul 22, 2024

Use of MRI and microCT to evaluate gene therapy for the treatment of discogenic back pain

Bruker Biospin

Jun 4, 2024

MRI images were obtained using the 9.4T Bruker BioSpec system, equipped with 40 mm 1H quadrature volume resonator, and...

Exosome-Mediated Delivery of Small Molecules, RNA & DNA for Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics

Spectral Instruments Imaging

Jun 3, 2024

Disha Moholkar of University of Louisville's Gupta Lab
Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 6:30 PM

Emulate in vivo conditions – introduce shear flow to your experiments with BioFlux system

Cell Microsystems

May 27, 2024

Most research is still conducted in vitro without the presence of flow. We use the BioFlux System to give you the...

Jul 22, 2024

High-frequency Ultrasound System For Preclinical Imaging


May 13, 2024

The Prospect T1 is an innovative high-frequency ultrasound system designed specifically for in vivo preclinical imaging...

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A fluorescent reporter system for anaerobic thermophiles

Nov 27, 2023

In this study, we show that pFAST displays a high melting temperature (Tm) and can serve as a fluorescent marker in the thermophilic anaerobe T. kivui. We engineered a modular cloning system based on Golden Gate assembly for this relatively uncommon microbe, which allowed easy construction and introduction of pFAST-bearing shuttle plasmids. pFAST-mediated fluorescence was subsequently established at 55°C and 66°C, which was exploited to characterize promoter parts and to engineer novel Gram-positive origins of replication.
In this work, we pioneered the use of the oxygen-independent system FAST (Fluorescence Activating and absorption Shifting tag) in the thermophilic anaerobe Thermoanaerobacter kivui. We developed a modular cloning system that was used to easily clone a library of FAST expression cassettes in an E. coli—Thermoanaerobacter shuttle plasmid. FAST-mediated fluorescence was then assessed in vivo in T. kivui, and we observed bright green and red fluorescence for cells grown at 55°C. Next, we took advantage of this functional reporter system to characterize a set of homologous and heterologous promoters by quantifying gene expression, expanding the T. kivui genetic toolbox.

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