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The chicken chorioallantoic membrane as a low-cost, high-throughput model for cancer imaging

Precision X-Ray

Apr 4, 2024

Here, we assessed the chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) as an alternative to mice for preclinical cancer imaging...

A microthrombus-driven fixed-point cleaved nanosystem for preventing post-thrombolysis recurrence

IVIM Technology

Apr 3, 2024

A thrombin-responsive and fixed-point cleaved Fu@pep-CLipo was developed for highly efficient and precise thrombolysis...

Webinar: Multimodal Assessment of Hypoxia in Tumors: From the Lab to the Clinic

Bruker Biospin

Apr 2, 2024

25 April 2024, 4PM CET
This webinar will be of interest to multiple profiles in the community of biomedical

Multiplexed tissue imaging using the Orion platform to reveal the Spatial Biology of Cancer


Mar 27, 2024

In this webinar Prof. Sandro Santagata, will reveal how Orion high-plex imaging and the use of this data, is valuable...

Apr 20, 2024

A 19-color single-tube Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry for the detection of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Cytek Biosciences

Mar 13, 2024

This recent publication in Cytometry Part A describes the development and comprehensive workflow of a single-tube,...

18F-labeled somatostatin analogs for somatostatin receptors (SSTRs) targeted PET imaging of NETs


Mar 11, 2024

A novel 18F-radiolabeled somatostatin analogue, [Al18F]NODA-MPAA-HTA, was synthesized and evaluated for positron...

Discover Yokogawa CellVoyager CQ1: Benchtop High-Content Analysis System


Mar 8, 2024

Unlike flow cytometers, the CellVoyager CQ1 confocal quantitative image cytometer does not require pretreatment such as...

Apr 20, 2024

Real-time and quantitative analysis of Macrophage Phagocytosis with RTCA eSight

Agilent technologies

Feb 23, 2024

The eSight is currently the only instrument that interrogates cell health and behavior using cellular

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Flash news - did you know, that you can use Singulator S100 also for plant research?

Feb 10, 2023

S2 Genomics has developed the patented Singulator™ 100 and 200 Systems to automate the dissociation of solid tissues into single cell or nuclei suspensions in single-use cartridges
using coupled enzymatic or chemical dissociation and mechanical disruption.
Here we demonstrate the utility of the Singulator platform for the isolation of nuclei from plant
embryos, and the impact of the improved nuclei quality over manually prepared nuclei on single nuclei
sequencing, enabling the identification of a candidate marker gene associated with the B Chromosome in
a specific cell type that may be related to the regulation of the B Chromosome elimination during
embryonic development.

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The integrated sample preparation systems for processing tissues into genomic samples for single-cell genomics and cell biology studies.

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Reproducible, rapid and hands-off tissue dissociations into single-cell or nuclei suspensions

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