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Responsive fluorescence probe for detection of Hypochlorous acid in live cells and animals

In this work, a new fluorescence probe, PQI, was developed for monitoring of the HOCl level in biological samples. The fluorescence of PQI was found to be significantly increased, leading to “OFF‐ON” fluorescence response towards HOCl.

Jan 17, 2019

Scientific paper

CT‐analyzer plug‐ins: ROI shrink‐wrap and primitive ROI

The ROI shrink‐wrap gives the possibility to automatically generate a region‐of‐interest by adapting to the shape of selected objects and the primitive ROI create an image for the region of interest containing a certain edge as binary object.

Jan 7, 2019

Scientific paper

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"In our lab, we use microCT Skyscan 1276 for visualization of vasculature and cancer in mice model. Xtreme II is powerful tool for molecular imaging. In our research group, Xtreme II is commonly used to assess the biodistribution of novel drug candidates in small animal model."

Adam Novobilský, PhD

Dept. Pharmacology and Immunotherapy, Veterinary Research Institute, Brno, Czech Republic

A carboxymethyl dextran-based polymeric conjugate as the antigen carrier for cancer immunotherapy

A polymeric conjugate, composed of a carboxymethyl dextran (CMD) as the backbone and ovalbumin (OVA) as a model foreign antigen, was prepared to investigate its potential as the antigen carrier for cancer immunotherapy.

Sep 18, 2018

Scientific paper

The need for ultra high field magnetic resonance imaging

MRI  is a noninvasive imaging technology that is known for its superior soft tissue contrast and ability to provide morphological or metabolic information. However, its inherently low sensitivity remains one of MRI’s major challenges.

Dec 17, 2018

Scientific paper

The most advanced software for preclinical imaging research

Modern imaging laboratories hosting PET/MR instruments profit from the fully integrated common imaging platform spanning PET and MRI modalities. The simplicity and allows operators to put their focus on their research

Nov 7, 2018

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Accelerate your biomedical research

"Photoacoustics combined with high-resolution ultrasound is an amazing technology allowing molecular imaging with a resolution of an anatomical imager. In our laboratory, we use VEVO LAZR X not only for development of novel photoacoustics contrasts but also for cardiology projects and tumor vascularization research."

Assist. Professor Ludek Sefc, PhD.

Center for Advanced Preclinical Imaging (CAPI), First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Squaraine fluorophore as a NIR-fluorescent probe for the in vivo detection of diagnostic enzymes

An oligo(ethylene glycol)-functionalized squaraine fluorophore has been developed as an NIR-fluorescent probe that can detect and image the activities of a diagnostic enzyme (leucine aminopeptidase) both in vitro and in vivo. 

Nov 19, 2018

Scientific paper

Understanding subtle cardiac changes

Are you working with high ultrasound imaging and are you interesting in VevoStrain application and specific changes in strain in different cardiac pathophysiologies? Learn more in this video.

Oct 3, 2018


Contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging

Are you interested in photoacoustic imaging and would like to enhance your contrast imaging acquisitions? Just use advanced data analysis with your Vevo CQ. Learn more in this video.

Sep 5, 2018


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