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Identify the quality of any protein in 3 minutes using microliters of sample with Tycho

Tycho tells you so much about the quality of your protein. It tells you about presence, purity, concentration, functionality and similarity — in a single experiment. 

Jul 19, 2019

Technical breakthrough

Bionano introduce new SP blood and cell culture DNA isolation kit

This Bionano prep SP blood and cell culture DNA isolation kit, can provide ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) gDNA in less than 4 hours for EDTA-collected blood and mammalian cell cultures.

Jun 26, 2019

Technical breakthrough

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"The RainDrop System enables us the most sensitive detection and monitoring of rare mutations due to single molecule measurements using millions of droplets per sample."

Dr. Eva Kriegová

Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Webinar recording: Detecting cancer-associated structural variants using Bionano optical maps

Bionano’s genome mapping technology directly observes long molecules from 150,000 bp to megabase pair lengths to identify large structural variations typically not detected by short- or long-read sequencing technologies.

May 15, 2019


Sage products powering new methods, 2018-19

The fully automated SageELF (for Electrophoretic Lateral Fractionator) can be used to select DNA or proteins. It features a cassette system designed to fractionate a whole protein or DNA sample simultaneously into 12 contiguous size fractions. 

Jun 18, 2019

Scientific paper
Technical breakthrough

A novel method for isolating high-quality UHMW DNA from animal and human tissues

New isolation protocol for isolating high-quality UHMW DNA from 10 mg of freshly frozen or liquid-preserved animal and human tissue including solid tumors is key to success in optical mapping of long genomic DNA using Bionano Genomics Saphyr system.

May 31, 2019

Scientific paper
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Accelerate your biomedical research

"Biomark system from Fluidigm is the optimal tool for identification of cell differentiation biomarkers."

Prof. Marieta Costache

University of Bucharest, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Bucharest, Romania

New insight into Cas9 off-target activity

Scientists at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences and AstraZeneca studied how CRISPR-Cas9 differentiates between on-targets and off-targets with use the C-trap optical tweezers – fluorescence microscope.

Jun 7, 2019

Product news

HLS-CATCH: Cas-9 assisted gene purification

The CATCH process  provides researchers with the most direct access to genes for study. Target regions are defined with the simple design of guide-RNAs to flank regions of interest — and enriched directly from cells.    

May 24, 2019

Technical breakthrough
Product news

We are pleased to announce the launch of the xxpress NGx

The new xxpress thermal cycler has an upgraded optics system that provides better channel separation and enhanced amplification in all five channels. This improvement has been achieved with a new filter set and a new deep red LED for channel 5.

Apr 30, 2019

Technical breakthrough
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