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Cellenion’s solutions for isolation and sample preparation from Cells all the way to Spheroids

In this webinar, you will get an overview of Cellenion’s solutions for single cell and single 3D models applications: cellenONE and spheroONE. Those instruments allow high-throughput, image-based automated isolation of a wide range of cells.

May 9, 2023


Mantis ROI calculator

Decision to improve the output in a lab is always taken based on knowledge and workflow needs. But final decision to acquire the equipment is following important steps, which every manager needs to respect. 

May 5, 2023

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"The CP100NX Ultracentrifuge has proven itself as a reliable and easy-to-use instrument for separation and purification of plant mitochondria and mitochondrial compartments.
It is also successfully used for the isolation of mitochondrial polysomal fractions as well as ribosomes. It has become a truly valuable tool in our work in plant mitochondria biology."

Hanna Janska

University of Wrocław, Department of Cellular Molecualr Biology, Wrocław, Poland

See What's Possible with the PippinHT

Programmable DNA size selection enables new discoveries by helping optimize the library detected by a sequencer. That’s why the 24-sample capacity PippinHT is quickly becoming established as a key tool for a host of research applications and clinical

Sep 14, 2021

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Flash news - did you know, that you can use Singulator S100 also for plant research?

In this short TechNote you can find how Singulator can help the data quality in Single cell sequencing - now even in Plant Biology!

Feb 10, 2023

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Developing a 43 color panel on Cytek Aurora using Laminar Wash for sample prep

Successfully executing a 43 color panel is a technically demanding task. One that is made more difficult when there are confounding issues like non-specific binding and cell debris.

Aug 2, 2022

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Accelerate your biomedical research

We use the Pippin prep for size selection of different types of NGS libraries.

Mgr. Gabriela Šrámková

Charles University, Faculty of Science, Prague, Czech Republic

Standardize tumor sample preparation and reduce background with Curiox laminar wash system

Laminar Wash technology offers a gentle alternative that can improve yield and data quality, particularly of rare cell types in samples containing low initial cell counts.

Aug 10, 2022

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An experimental strategy for preparing circular ssDNA virus genomes for next-generation sequencing

Recent article from February 2022 shoes how size selection improved viral read mapping by over 90% for begomoviruses.

Jun 1, 2022

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Unleash Your Illumina Sequencer with TELL-Seq Linked Reads

Sage Science distributes universal sequencing technology´s TELL-Seq linked-read NGS library prep kits used with very low sample inputs for de novo DNA sequencing, carried out easily in a PCR tube without the need for expensive instrumentation.

Mar 24, 2021

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