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The most advanced software for preclinical imaging research

Modern imaging laboratories hosting PET/MR instruments profit from the fully integrated common imaging platform spanning PET and MRI modalities. The simplicity and allows operators to put their focus on their research

Nov 7, 2018

Scientific paper

IZON qEV - Isolate your exosomes in just 15 minutes

Extracellular  vesicles  (EVs)  are  prevalent  in biological  fluids  and  are  of  great  interest  to researchers  due  to  the  compelling  evidence for their vital roles in cell signalling,  immune response   modulation and apoptosis.

Oct 25, 2018

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Accelerate your biomedical research

“The iCELLigence system provides me a fast, reliable and reproducible way to specifically monitor the suspension cell interactions with proteins of the extracellular matrix, and dynamics of its changes in response to inhibitor addition”

Dr. Adam Obr

Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Prague, Czech Republic

Understanding subtle cardiac changes

Are you working with high ultrasound imaging and are you interesting in VevoStrain application and specific changes in strain in different cardiac pathophysiologies? Learn more in this video.

Oct 3, 2018


COY - personalized hypoxic chambers

When your research requires consistent atmospheric control to maintain hypoxia, normoxia, or hyperoxia, you can count on Coy’s Hypoxic chambers. Easy to use and easy to customize, Coy’s complete line of glove boxes and cabinets.

Oct 18, 2018

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Target large genomic regions with 10x genomics + SageHLS

With customized Cas9 nucleases, scientists can now isolate specific large genomic DNA fragments with the SageHLS platform for targeted library preparation in the 10x Genomics Chromium system.

Oct 9, 2018

Scientific paper

Accelerate your biomedical research

"ImageStream is a very Powerful tool for studying insect cells. This technique gave us the unique possibility for very fast and precise evaluation of the viability of honeybee (Apis mellifera) spermatozoa. In the near future the Imaging Cytometry will be a "gold standard" technique in the field of insects reproduction research".

Dr. Filipp Savvulidi

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Red blood cell-hitchhiking boosts delivery of nanocarriers to chosen organs

Drug delivery by nanocarriers (NCs) has long been stymied by dominant liver uptake and limited target organ deposition, even when NCs are targeted using affinity moieties. Here we report a Red blood cell-hitchhiking boosts delivery of nanocarriers.

Oct 12, 2018

Scientific paper

Coy anaerobic chambers #1 choice in microbiology

Used for over 40 years in anaerobic microbiology research, COY chambers are also critical to many other research areas such as protein purification, clinical microbiology, biochemistry, cell culture, human microbiome studies, biofules and more.

Oct 5, 2018

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EasyTEL+ unique digital platform for single or group-housed subjects e

EMKA announced major enhancements of its easyTEL+ digital implanted telemetry. No more antennas inside cages, magnet-free implants and ability to combine an easyTEL+ implant with emkaPACK4G non-invasive jacket

Sep 24, 2018

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