"I had a chance to test Lumascope in our cell culture lab. The device gives a great opportunity to observe live cells in a phase-contrast and fluorescence. We performed co-culture experiments where each cell type was labeled with different fluorochrome. Lumascope allowed for distinguishing cell type and observation of interaction between cells. The device was placed in a cell culture incubator with O2 control, therefore we could analyze those interactions in normoxic and hypoxic conditions. Additionally, the system can be useful for analysis of cells which express fluorochromes under control of certain promoters. It enables the evaluation of exact moment of certain genes activation and measurement of fluorescence intensity".

Dr. Anna Burdzinska

Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

"I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Lumascope, a compact microscope with very powerful autofocus that can fit in standard cell culture incubator, easily accessible for objective exchange.  Fluorescent measurement showed high quality of pictures taken with crisp fluorescent signal, enabling to distinguish GFP labeled mitochondria using 40x lens. High definition phase contrast module enable also label free cell proliferation. Thus, the system is definitely a great asset to test the effect of compounds on proliferation and morphology changes". 

Dr. Jaroslav Truksa

BIOCEV, Vestec, Czech Republic

Lumascope 620 - Etaluma

Blue, green & red fluorescence and brightfield

The Lumascope 620 fluorescence microscope is a compact inverted, three color, epi-fluorescence microscope with brightfield and phase contrast capability. Samples prepared with fluorophores emit fluorescence only when they are excited with light of a specific wavelength (excitation wavelength).

The Lumascope 620 uses three LEDs with distinct wavelengths to excite fluorophores that are present in the sample. There is a larger sensor and a set of 5 filters, 3 excitation filtres for blue, green and red, than emission and beamsplitter filter.

These filters are ideal to use with fluorescence dyes like:

  • Blue: DAPI,
  • Green: FITC, GFP
  • Red: mCherry, Texas Red

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