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The world’s first desktop super-resolution microscope

The Nanoimager is the complete package in super-resolution microscopy. The Nanoimager offers various modes of operation including dSTORM, PALM, smFRET and supports illumination modes from epifluorescence to TIRF. With this range on offer, it's easier than ever to get the most out of fluorescence microscopy, both when imaging fixed samples stained with immunofluorescence protocols or during live-cell imaging. Key features:    

  • Versatile super-resolution: A wide range of super-resolution techniques to resolve and visualize structures down to 20 nm in the XY plane. Explore the nanoworld in 3D with a Z resolution reaching 50 nm.
  • Incredible field of view: At 80um x 50um, the FOV is one of the largest available in super-resolution. Build sample overview scans with a piezo stage working in 2nm steps.  
  • Precision by design: The intrinsic design filters out vibrations, so there’s no need for an optical table nor optical allignment. The enclosed design keeps the laser in and ambient light out, so a dark room isn’t required. With Nanoimager compact size (A4 footprint), do your work wherever is most productive even in a biosafety cabinet.
  • 4 colors: With four laser colors, four different fluorophores can be analysed in each sample. 2 different fluorophores can be captured simultaneously to gain even more information, faster.
  • Integrated analytics: with integrated data analysis tools, you get to meaningful conclusions faster. Images are built in real time so you start seeing results before the experiment has finished.

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