"We plan to use the C-Trap for the measurement of forces generated by molecular motors between cytoskeletal filaments."

Dr. Zdenek Lansky

Institute of Biotechnology CAS, Prague, Czech Republic


Visualization and manipulation of biomolecules

The C-Trap and SuperC-Trap Correlative Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopes offer the novel combination of dual optical tweezers with confocal microscopy and a microfluidic device integrated in a single instrument. The instruments enable a simple and fast workflow for bead trapping in the optical tweezers, DNA tethering, subsequent DNA manipulation and controlled triggering of the biochemical reaction by incubating the DNA with different proteins of interest. The whole workflow can be executed within 1 minute.

The C-Trap and SuperC-Trap CTFM can strongly impact the field of structural biology, where models of protein function require improvement and validation. Current state of the art techniques for protein analysis like XRD, NMR and Cryo-EM have become very powerful in resolving the structure of proteins and protein complexes. Based on the protein structure one can derive models for its function in vivo. The next step is to improve and validate these models through live observation of these processes in real-time at the single-molecule level. CTFM makes this possible for the first time.

The C-Trap combines multi-color scanning confocal microscopy with high-resolution optical tweezers and microfluidics into a single, integrated and easy-to-use instrument. Fluorescent molecules interacting with optically trapped biomolecules can be visualized with single-molecule localization and sensitivity.

The world’s first super-resolution optical tweezers, the LUMICKS SuperC-Trap efficiently integrates STED super-resolution nanoscopy with high-resolution dual optical tweezers and a state-of-the-art microfluidic flow cell. The dynamic DNA-protein interactions are visualized at the single-molecule level in real-time, through coincident 1D Super-resolution imaging along the DNA.

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