u-Flux - LUMICKS

Laminar flow microfluidics for single-molecule experiments

The u-Flux microfluidic system is an integrated solution to reliably perform single-molecule experiments in a laminar-flow environment. The laminar flow approach allows fluids from the individual channels to flow parallel to one another and remain separate, with only minimal mixing.

The u-Flux includes a set of monolithic micro-fabricated glass flow cells with 4 to 7 inlets and 1 to 2 outlets for the microfluidic laminar flow. The flow cells are robust, re-usable and user friendly.

The use of a motorized stage in combination with the laminar flow permits the sequential assembly of the single-molecule assay in situ and the controlled triggering of biochemical reactions by exposing the optically manipulated nucleic acids to the environment of interest at specific time-points and for well-defined periods.

The system is provided with all the necessary fluidic connection tools and can be integrated into an existing optical-tweezers or microscope setup. The system is designed to control the flow of up to 7 fluid channels in parallel with a pressure box, controlled by electronically operated valves.

A pressure sensor is integrated to provide real-time monitoring of the flow-driving pressure. An electronic control unit and software are included for flow and valve control, integrated with an interface to the microscope stage allowing fast switching of the microscope’s field of view from one flow channel to the other. Automated valve control enables the user to operate the u-Flux remotely and integrate it into to automated workflows.

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