"The Cellvizio Dual Band is capable of achieving cell to sub-cell resolution in vivo, from surface to deep tissues. The system allow us to monitor multiple dynamic processes, physiological pathways or cellular interactions in vivo in the same animal over longitudinal studies."

Assoc.Prof. M.D. Jakub Otáhal

Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physiology, Prague, Czech Republic

Cellvizio Dual Band - Mauna Kea Technologies

A total new dimension to your Preclinical studies

Cellvizio Dual Band offeres simultaneous, co-registered dual band 488/660 illumination and detection for the dynamic monitoring of multiple parameters in vivo .

Cellvizio is a breakthrough Preclinical and Clinical imaging technique used by hundreds of doctors and researchers at leading institutions around the world. The system specifity relies on the use of fiber-optics, integrated into miniaturized objective lenses.

  • It is compact, fast, versatile and delivers beautiful single cell level images in real time.
  • Perform repeatable, longitudinal studies on the same subject, and get rewarded with more relevant outcomes and dramatic experimental cost decreases.
  • Easy to use and with a small footprint, Cellvizio Lab can seamlessly be incorporated in your Lab workflow, without the need for a dedicated imaging room nor technician to make it work.
  • Cellvizio Lab bridges the gap that exists between other Preclinical imaging modalities: It delivers  in vivo and in real time cellular to sub-cellular images of any tissue by simple and direct contact.
  • High-throughput monitoring of physiological condition at multiple time points.
  • Access a broad spectrum of applications including neuroscience, cancer research, drug delivery, cardiovascular disorders, digestive diseases, molecular imaging and more.

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Cellvizio Lab is a single band fiber based microscope for observing in real time at cellular scale

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