“IncuCyte is a powerful system to monitor the  effect of substances  on neurite growth and proliferation.”

Prof. András Dinnyés

BioTalentum, Gödöllő, Hungary

"IncuCyte is a device that offers to carry out cellular experiments with imaging of cells in real time. Multiple protocols for cellular assays are available, and the multi-platform tray lets up to six researchers to work simultaneously. The use of dedicated programs allows not only to monitor the readings of experiments, but also to evaluate the obtained data and present it in the form of graphics, photos, videos. These features offer a significant increase in experimental throughput. In our laboratory, we focus on the biology and cancer therapy. Even though we have just started using the IncuCyte, we can say that it will be a very useful and hard-working device in our laboratory."

Dr Hanna Dams-Kozlowska

University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland

“Using IncuCyte Live Cells Imaging System, we are able to monitor precisely and in Real time, cells morphology changes at different time points.” 

Prof. Malgorzata Czyz

Medical University of Lodz, Poland

“Our group is focused on development of kinase inhibitors and we often compare effects of several compounds at the same time in biochemical and cellular assays. The IncuCyte ZOOM was used to acquire and analyze kinetics of cell proliferation, apoptosis and migration in human cell cultures treated with small compounds. It enables us to answer questions that we could not address before, with the advantages of simple handling and powerful analysis software”.

Dr. Vladimír Kryštof

Laboratory of Growth Regulators, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

"We have been using IncuCyte for the last two years and since the first day of installation in our Institute, is occupied running a great variety of experiments. We are able to perform high-throughput experiments investigating different biological responses at the same time. After performing Proliferation, Migration, Apoptosis, Angiogenesis, Multi-spheroids, and many more assays, we could say that IncuCyte System is now a piece of indispensable equipment for most of the researchers working in our Institute"

Sofia Bellou, PhD,MSc

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechology, Ioannina, Greece

IncuCyte S3 - Sartorius & Essen BioScience

See what your cells are doing and when they do it with the live cell analysis system

Derive deeper and more physiologically relevant information about your cells – plus real-time kinetic data. Supported by ~4000 publications, the IncuCyte automatically acquires and analyzes images around the clock, providing an information-rich analysis that is easy to achieve. Change can happen in an instant.  Whether simply assaying cell health or more complex processes like migration, invasion, or immune cell killing, see what happened and when—without ever removing your cells from the incubator. Never miss powerful insights again, with the IncuCyte S3 live-cell analysis system, reagents, and consumables.

  •  Automatically acquire images over time
  •  Use IncuCyte VesselView to view images of all locations in the vessel at once 
  • Automatically identify regions of interest via masks
  • Powerful dedicated application based analysis modules are available for unusual applications : Migration/invasion, Cell-by-Cell analysis, NeuroTrack, Angiogenesis, Chemotaxis, Organoids and 3D Spheroid. 
  • Generate presentation-ready timelapse graphsView all 96 or 384-well kinetic trends at once with IncuCyte PlateGraph and calculate EC50 or IC50 response values

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