"The Guava Muse flow cytometer is easy to use, fast and reliable, far less expensive than other bench top sytems.The results we obtained are highly reproducible with superb intra-experiment variation coefficients. We also enjoyed its portability, since we were able to share it with other research groups and use it directly in the cell culture hood."

Prof Ioan Ovidiu Sirbu

Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania

"Muse Cell Analyzer is very user-friendly flow cytometer. It is the most compact flow cytometer in the market, feasible for different applications. It provides a significant amount of reliable data, with great support from the manufacturer, which is taking care of regular updates and new kits release. Muse Cell Analyzer does not require any sheat fluid resulting in very low maintenance costs"

Dr Gina Cecilia Pistol

Institute for Research and Development for Biology and Animal Nutrition - IBNA, Bucharest

Guava Muse - Cytek Biosciences

Flow cytometry technology in an affordable instrument

Sophisticated cell analysis doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. With the Guava Muse Cell Analyzer, you can now achieve highly quantitative results at a fraction of the price, effort, and time. The Muse Cell Analyzer packs 3-parameter analysis into a compact, easy to use benchtop device, making flow cytometry accessible to anyone, anytime. A user-friendly touchscreen interface, intuitive cell analysis software, and optimized assays work to simplify your research. 

The Muse Instrument has an integrated touchscreen and software for data acquisition and analysis using optimized Muse Assays. Its microcapillary flow cell is engineered for acquisition of both suspension and adherent cells 2-60 microns in diameter. Muse uses fluorescent reagents and detection to measure three parameters for every cell, with little or no sample preparation required. Muse assays are available for precision cell counts, as well as single-cell measurement of critical cell parameters. 

  • Quantitative data at the single-cell level
  • Simple and effortless operation
  • Intuitive cell analysis software and touchscreen user interface
  • Rapid setup and analysis
  • Optimized Muse assays reagents and kits
  • Precise cell count: more accurately than manual hemocytometry or image-based analysis.
  • Compact size: footprint of only 20 cm x 25 cm


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