"We used Curiox HT2000 to stain T lymphocytes (including Treg) from peripheral blood cells. We tested different antibodies for both surface and intracellular markers.The laminar flow cell washing procedure was found to be much more gentle than centrifugation, therefore the proportion of intact lymphocytes was higher compared to standard centrifugation. Additionally, the sample preparation is much faster and easier using Curiox laminar wash technology than classical centrifugation."

Dr Katarzyna Piwocka

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, Poland

Laminar Wash MINI system - Curiox

An affordable, benchtop instrument for flow cytometry sample preparation

The best way to prepare cells for flow cytometry is now available on your benchtop. This laminar flow-based washing system replaces complicated and variable centrifugation, pipetting and flicking/aspiration of tubes or plates. The MINI is designed to produce the most quantitative and reproducible results for every flow cytometry user. Unlike centriguation-based systems, the MINI provides consistency across users.

Centrifugation at artificially high gravitational forces can stress cells, leading to unreliable data. Laminar wash can achieve an even higher level of dilution of unbound antibodies during washes by increasing the number of laminar wash cycles with a much gentler treatment of cells. Centrifuges elicit changes in the cell population, and the fewer variables or manipulations your cells experiences, the higher the quality of your flow cytometry data. 

Key features:

  • Cleaner and faster washing
  • Consistent and reproducible results among users and sites
  • Increased cell retention for assays with splenocytes and TILs or with rare population cells
  • Improved cell segregation and resolution
  • A wide range of cell numbers at 1 cell – 10 million cells per well
  • No stress on cells from centrifugation and improved viability
  • Reduced debris and aggregation of cells
  • A key tool for single cell sequencing sample preparation 


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