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Why ventilator is so important in the battle against COVID-19?

Sep 21, 2020

The lung or respiratory system is the main field of the COVID-19 virus attack. Ventilation is the main function of the lungs. We breathe, exchange oxygen in the air through the lungs into the blood, and expel carbon dioxide from the body. So if the lungs have a problem, we will feel difficult to breathe. In fact, the early-phase disease may not appear ground-glass opacities (GGO) on CT scans. But as the virus continues to “attack”, the consolidation area of the lung begins to absorb, reducing its density and gradually becoming ground-glass opacity, like a “melted sugar”; with the disease progresses, the inflammation has absorbed, leaving the lung fiber cord focus; and pneumonia deteriorated and then the lungs progressed to the “white lung” stage.

At this time, it will seriously affect the ventilation of the lungs, and continuous oxygen supply is required to ensure the oxygenation of the body. In the worst cases, known as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, if without mechanical ventilation support, the patient will die.

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