„We use the X-RAD 320 Biological Irradiator mostly for mice whole body irradiation and thanks to the chamber size we can use it also for rats. Its fully shielded spacy cabinet with a highly homogenous beam and rotating motorized shelf, allows us to deliver precise radiation dosage in a high throughput.“

Dr Gizela Koubkova

BIOCEV, Prague, Czech Republic

"The X-RAD 225XLi Biological Irradiator allows us to deliver collimated, focused x-ray irradiation to mice and the built-in OptiMAX M-IGRT imaging module enables us to get high-resolution
X-ray and optical multimodal images."

Dr. Géza Sáfrány

Department of Radiobiology and Radiohygiene, National Public Health Institute, Budapest, Hungary

X-RAD SmART - Precision X-Ray

The clear choice in small animal precision radiotherapy

The X-RAD SmART Small Animal Image Guided Radiation Therapy research system provides a high accuracy cone beam CT (CBCT) imaging system and a high dose delivery therapeutic X-ray source into a single platform. Although fully functional, it is designed to allow future development to be integrated without significant redesign.

SmART Plan software with State-of-the-Art Monte Carlo algorithms enables researchers to accurately plan, visualize, and ultimately optimize treatment dose prior to therapy. Additionally, there is the possibility of adding fully integrated bioluminescent imaging to the X-RAD SmART.

The goal is to combine the anatomical information obtained from CBCT with the functional information obtained from optically imaged contrast agents.

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