"We successfully use Albira PET/CT for in vivo tracking of metabolic fate of radioactively labelled metabolic tracers in diverse models for metabolic diseases, such as obesity. Colocalization of CT and PET images facilitates better orientation within the animal body."

Mgr. Kristina Bardova Ph.D.

Institute of Physiology CAS, Prague, Czech Republic

PET/CT Si78 - Bruker Biospin

Two best in class imaging technologies, combined in one instrument

Bruker's Full Field of View Accuracy SiPM PET technology, are now combined with low dose - high throughput SkyScan micro-CT. Offering a unique instrument, with supreme PET/CT imaging performance, the PET/CT Si78. The PET/CT Si78 features homogeneous, high-resolution, and quantitative PET/CT imaging with a large field of view of 80 x up to 200 mm. The unique low dose X-ray technology, combined with ultra-fast full body 3D CT scanning, the familiar ParaVision 360 software and a high-precision motorized animal transport system, simplifies your workflow.  

  • Total Body PET for mice and rats

  • Full Field-of-View PET quantification accuracy

  • Low-dose, fast CT scans for longitudinal studies

  • ParaVision 360 preclinical imaging workflows using validated multi-modal in vivo protocols and scan  programs

  • Interactive scan planning, introducing PET and CT preclinical imaging methods and interactive geometry editors

  • Accurate touch screen animal positioning

  • Double-sided and fully open access to the imaging gantry with a minimum distance to the PET FOV for kinetic tracer studies

  • Single click, auto connect animal cradles for mice and rats, including anesthesia supply, animal warming, respiration and ECG sensors and gas exhaust sensors

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