"The xCELLigence RTCA SP analysis is without any doubts a proven non-invasive and sensitive method for monitoring the viability, proliferation or migration of cells in real time and thus complements and explains a number of end-point experiments. Our laboratory deals with the study of new natural molecules or compounds prepared semisynthetically. The analysis software is also intuitive and complete, moreover, ACCELA as a local supplier is able to provide qualified training and service."

Dr Darja Koutová

Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

xCELLigence Cardio ECR - Agilent technologies

Monitor Cardiomyocyte beating and electric activity in real time

The new xCELLigence RTCA CardioECR system combines impedance and Multi Electrode Array (MEA) technology with a pacing function. RTCA CardioECR is the first platform to allow simultaneous real-time measurement of cardiomyocyte contractility by impedance, and electric activity by field potential measurement. The system is designed to be placed in a standard tissue culture incubator with physiological temperature, CO2 level and humidity, allowing better controlled assays with both short-term and long-term measurements in real-time.
With the added MEA capabilities and pacing stimuli, the new CardioECR System allows for a deeper assessment of mechanism of toxicity. Field potential recording provided by MEA electrodes is a measure of the integrated ion channel activity that may be impacted by the tested compound, whereas the pacing function allows for controlling the rate of contractility for a more controlled assay. Furthermore, this combined dual readout system also provides a longer-term measurement of cardiomyocyte viability which can potentially identify those compounds causing longer-term structural damage to cardiomyocytes.
The RTCA CardioECR Instrument is composed of four main components: 

  • RTCA CardioECR Station
  • RTCA CardioECR Analyzer
  • RTCA CardioECR Control Unit
  • E-Plate CardioECR 48

RTCA CardioECR Instrument Highlights:

  • Real-time: short (hrs) and long-term (days) assay
  • High throughput: conduct MEA and impedance assay simultaneously on a 48-well format
  • Pacing function: 100% pacing success rate across the plate
  • Tri-mode:
    • RTCA mode - determination of cell growth status over the assay time
    • Cardio mode - observation of cardiac beating activity over the assay time
    • CardioECR mode -simultaneous  recording of  cardio beating activity and electric activity (field potential)over the assay time

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